Come Vote In “Jane Austen Madness”

Welcome to “Jane Austen Madness,” our take on the “March Madness” basketball craze which takes over the internet every March here in the USA.

Last week we randomly paired up 64 of Jane Austen’s characters and began voting. You can use this link to fill out a bracket, picking your favorite character in each pairing until you reach a favorite champion, ever 5 minutes until 2 April 2018. Click on a pairing if you can’t remember who someone is. On 2 April, we will announce who was voted our favorite character of this year’s “Jane Austen Madness!”

Please feel free to share the link and invite your fellow Janeites from near and far to participate. The more the merrier!

If you have questions about specific characters or how to fill out the bracket, please comment below or send us a message! We will post reminders to vote every so often.

Happy Jane Austen Madness!!


Jane Austen Madness