It would be *way* cool if you joined the Bettys and Baldwins of the Jane Austen Society of North America: E. WA & N. ID Region for a group watch of “Clueless” and chat, on Sunday, 19 July 2020, the 25th anniversary of the film’s actual premiere in theaters!

Put on your trendiest plaid clothing; find your copy of this modern remake of Jane Austen’s “Emma”, get Netflix queued up, or rent on Amazon; and grab some popcorn. We will be watching “Clueless” from the comfort of our own homes while we chat away, in our Facebook event (bonus points for using “Clueless” slang!). We will all press play at about 2:00pm! Invite your friends!!

We are thinking of doing a totally awesome Zoom chat about “Clueless,” after the end of the movie, if there’s enough interest, so let us know!

If you are participating in #JaneAustenJuly, this is a great time to check #7 (watch a modern screen adaptation of a Jane Austen book) off your list! Not sure what that is? See below!

Watching “Clueless” in our own homes via whatever you have to watch it on: tape, dvd, blu-ray, Netflix, etc., and a Facebook chat

Facebook: We will all be in our own homes.

Sunday, 19 July 2020, the exact 25th anniversary of “Clueless”
2pm-4pm PT
Zoom chat after, if people are interested

Stay tuned for any updates!


Have you heard of #JaneAustenJuly? In the last couple of years, some book bloggers created a fun summer celebration of Jane Austen and her works. We thought it might be fun to participate this time as a region! The main focus of Jane Austen July is the challenge, which consists of 7 categories of JA-related books and movies. Participants select their own choices for each category, reads/watches them in July, and shares about them on social media using #JaneAustenJuly to spread the Jane Austen love!

Here is the Jane Austen July announcement video, with the challenge list, suggested books, and other resources in the description:

If you are interested in joining #JaneAustenJuly (whether with us or on your own), we created the graphic at the top of the page to fill out and share on our Facebook page and elsewhere on social media. It’s fun to see what others are planning to read and keep a record of what we are sharing, so we will set up a photo album on Facebook to which we can add everyone’s lists. Maybe we’ll all find some new books to read!

You can:
1. download/copy the blank graphic at the top of the page (jpeg file), fill in the answers on your own using photo-editing software, share it to social media with the hashtags  #JaneAustenJuly and #jasnaewanid, and email it to us so we can post it in our Facebook album of lists (if you wish).

2. if you are not super handy with photo editing, come up with your list and email it to us at and we will create the graphic for you. We will add it to the album and email a copy back to you to share where you wish! Some people are using a Jane Austen character for their name on the lists and then their own initials: Lizzie Bennet (AB).

This is a no pressure challenge! You are welcome to create a list and read/watch everything. You are welcome to create a list and read/watch as much as you want (or nothing!). You are welcome to create a list (lists) for Jane Austen characters and share them here! The whole point is to share Jane Austen with more people, find new books, and have some JA fun in the summer. If you don’t have a lot of time to read everything in July, we’ll continue into #AustenAugust! We will be hosting a couple of discussions in July where people can talk about how things are going with completing their reading and viewings. We will also have a group online chat as we view Clueless on July 19 (more details coming).

#JaneAustenJuly begins next Wednesday, 1 July. If you want help adding your list to the graphic, please try to send it to us by Sunday, 28 June so we have time to add lists to graphics.

Questions? Send us an email message:!