Regency Wardrobe Video


Regency Wardrobe Solo (2)

These are the videos of Debra Peck and Yvette Tremblay-Kelly’s presentation “Creating a Regency Wardrobe: How to be an Emma, Not a Mrs. Elton” on 3/25/18 in Spokane at the Spokane Library South Hill Branch.  The sound is loud enough, but the voices are a little distorted.  You can understand what people are saying, though. Due to the size of the files, we had to divide the presentation into five videos, but almost the whole talk was captured.  Total running time is over an hour.  The first two videos below are short snippets from the talk.  Then there is a handout that Debra Peck created that you can download.  Last is the links for YouTube of the five videos, each of which is about 15 minutes long.




Debra Peck created a handout with lots of great information about resources, patterns, etc.:  (click on the link to download)

Georgian and Regency Women’s clothing and accessories

The next five videos connect to our YouTube page since they are large files.  They are in order Section 1-5 of the presentation.  At one point the camera batteries died, so there may be a missing couple of minutes (at the start of Section 5).