Jane Austen Society of North America,
Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho Region
Spring 2018 News

Collage Tea
Our Spring “Great House” Tea on Sunday May 6, 2018 at McConnell Mansion in Moscow, ID was so much fun! We had 27 people–as General Tilney would say, “the true size for rational happiness” (NA 166). Welcome to our new attendees Ariel and Leslee; Kathryn and Laura; Angel, Sonya, and Moriah; Melody; Marie; and Jennifer, Kay, Vivian, Valerie, and Linnea. Many of our original members and more recent additions joined us also: Sheryl N., Stephanie, Amy, Becky, Mary Ellen, Jane, Rose, Vickey, Anne, Donna, Sheryl D., Lorena, and Michele.
We are grateful to the many people who made this day a success. Gary Grove, the Latah County Historical Society volunteer who assisted us, was so helpful and kind. Goose House Bakery (, a local Moscow home-based bakery, created the awesome treats. Amy, Mary Ellen, Michele, Sheryl D., and Stephanie helped with set up and clean up. Michele created pictures with Jane Austen quotes on flower backgrounds that were used for the decorations. Michele, Stephanie, and Sheryl N. put together the framed pictures for the table, the napkin decorations, and the small hanging pictures. Stephanie, Michele, and Sara T. allowed us to use their table linens. Books were donated books for door prizes by Debra, Michele, Sara T., and Diane. Jane provided amazing social media promotion of the event and did great event photography that day. To see many photos of the event, please visit our website at or on our Facebook page
Our First Year: Our first meeting was June 4, 2017 at Café Moro in Pullman, WA. Since that time, we have grown quite a bit and have had many exciting events, including our Jane Austen Special Tea at Brambleberry Cottage in Spokane on 7/24/17, our December 2, 2017 Jane Austen Birthday tea at Bank Left Gallery in Palouse, WA, our May 6. 2018 Spring “Great House” Tea (see above), and several book discussion meetings in Spokane, Moscow, and Pullman. We also hosted an online event in January 2018 on our Facebook page where page followers watched the last episode of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice on their computers and shared comments on our page. It was a nice way to gather without having to leave your house and several people joined us long distance. A huge thank you to Yvette Tremblay-Kelly and Debra Peck for their presentation on “Creating a Regency Wardrobe: How to be an Emma, not a Mrs. Elton” in Spokane on March 25. 2018. If you missed this meeting we have posted the video of that talk, along with a handout that Debra Peck developed, on our website at:
Our New Website: Over the past couple of months we have developed and improved our website ( There you can find our bylaws, contact information for our social media, purchase tickets for events, and look at photos of past events. We also have a blog which we occasionally post to. Recently we added two blogs about sympathy in Jane Austen’s novels connected with our May 2018 tea, focusing especially on Persuasion. Our first blog on the subject was an introduction to sympathy in Jane Austen’s time and has a few links for articles discussing sympathy in the novels in more depth: At the tea we discussed how Captain Wentworth is shown to grow in his sympathy for Anne. I added a summary of our discussion (organized by tables and the scenes they shared) to our blog on our website: .
Information about JASNA: Our group received a $200 start-up grant in fall 2017 and recently received $260 in dues money from JASNA, where JASNA shares with local groups an amount based on the number of members in the group at the end of the previous year (December 2017). Many of you have already joined JASNA. We do not have local dues but ask people to join JASNA if financially able to ($30/individual, $18/student at ). If you have already joined, please renew your membership when you get the notice to renew (for most people it will be some time in August). In addition to supporting our local group, JASNA sends members newsletters three times a year and once a year they mail the journal Persuasion with articles about Jane Austen and her times.
Social Media by Jane Provinsal: Our regional Facebook page was created in May 2017 and has grown steadily, with massive increases this spring, following our Jane Austen Madness Event (where members voted on pairs of characters from the novels in brackets to achieve an ultimate favorite character), which helped us reach over 100
“likes” and “follows.” Our Spring Jane Austen Giveaway continued the tradition, bringing us to almost 170 Facebook likes in a short time, essentially doubling our page likes number from early March. In September 2017, we created Twitter and Instagram accounts, both of which have also reached over 100 followers, again through events such as the Madness brackets, the giveaway, and photos of our fun, interesting events. The increased numbers on all three social media accounts help us and our information reach a wider audience, provide more ways for regional Jane Austen fans to become aware of our wonderful group, and share our fantastic events, as well as interact with Janeites from all over the world! Please join us at Twitter and Instagram by searching for us through the user name JASNA_EWANID!

Upcoming Event: We finalized plans for our June 24 12:00-4:00 p.m. Box Hill Potluck Picnic at Kamiak Butte in Palouse WA. Bring your family members and/or friends for a fun day at Kamiak Butte. We have reserved the large shelter. Since members will come from different distances and might come at different times, please bring lunch for your party or eat lunch before you come. We ask that members bring snacks, fruit, or desserts to share with others for the afternoon (food that does not need refrigeration). We will supply drinks (lemonade, ice tea, and water), ice, and all tableware (plates, cups, napkins, plastic silverware). Katie Johnson-Watts will lead us in a discussion of the picturesque in Jane Austen’s novels. We will also have games available and those who wish to can hike to the top of the Butte to enjoy the amazing views. There is a range of trails available of differing difficulty levels and it does not take too long to get to the top to see the amazing views. More details are on the website: and you can purchase tickets on the website if you wish to through PayPal or download a flyer and mail a check. If you prefer to pay cash at the event, that is fine, but please send an email that you are coming so we can keep track of numbers.
SAVE THE DATE: Several of our members in Coeur d’Alene keep asking when we will meet there—it is coming! Sunday July 29, from 2-4, we are planning a meeting at
the Coeur d’Alene library in the afternoon and the theme will be Jane Austen and the Navy. We are still in the planning stages, so more details to come.
Financial Update by Sheryl DeShields, Treasurer and Michele Larrow: At this time (5/21/18), our income for the period 10/1/17 to today has been $1556.68 (JASNA start-up grant $200, donations/ raffle donations $157, December 2017 tea $475, JASNA dues sharing $260, and May 2018 tea $464.68) and our expenses have been $1198.37 (meeting food/supplies $60.30, bank fees/checks $38.45, postage $51.60, copies/ printing $42.77, costs December 2017 tea $444.00, website upgrade $67.20, costs May 2018 tea $394.05, shelter rental Kamiak Butte $100.00) leaving us a grand total of $358.31 in our bank account (and it all balances 😊).
Volunteers Needed! Our group has grown to over fifty members since we first met in June 2017! Our regional coordinators are Amy Lyons and Michele Larrow. We are lucky to have the assistance of Sheryl Deshields as Treasurer and Jane Provinsal as Secretary/Social Media. We would love help in finalizing our program for the rest of the year. If you would be willing to join our social committee, please let us know.
Thank You! We have had a tremendous first year. Thanks to everyone who has attended the meetings, brought food, hosted, and donated to the region. It is great to meet so many Jane Austen fans. We are looking forward to a dynamic rest of 2018.
Michele Larrow and Amy Lyons co-regional coordinators
email:; Facebook @jasnaewanid;

Navy Jane on white

Naval Jane Austen from the 2018 AGM on Persuasion found at: